A failed media player that only played certain kids shows. It entered into an already highly crowded multimedia player market and had virtually nothing going for it.

Hidden inside the BIOS at hex address 0x11A38, as well as many of the cartridges, is this string of code:

This computing program and associated compressed video and audio data, and custom codecs, are Copyright (C ) 2002, 2003, 2004 by 4 Kids Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Patents Pending in United States and Other Countries World wide. Made in California, USA. The 4K-TV (tm ) Media Player was designed and created by Steve Beck and Beck-Tech Corp. Berkeley, California, exclusively for 4 Kids Technology, in collaboration with The MEMIT ( tm ) Midnight Engineering Mission Impossible Team Members: Steve Beck, Lead Design Architect and Engineer, Phat Ho, Senior Engineer, and Teofil Kolev, Software Engineer. A Production of 4 Kids Technology, Executive Producers: Alfred R. Kahn, Joseph Garrity, Norman J. Grossfeld, and Stephen C. Beck.  This specific 4K-TV Media Player version is Licensed to Mattel Inc....Special thanks to Saul Jodel and Joe Lubinski at O.S.T.M. - - - (OMITTED) - - - peace love joy have fun! END 

Source: Einstein95