A handful of custom formatted sectors that are used to determine a legitimate copy can form the following message below:

Copyright 1983 Microsoft Corporation. Tens of thousands of man-hours have been spent to make this product possible, so that you, the user, can use high quality programs.  If you steal this software, then we will not receive the fruits of our labor. Stealing software is not just a crime, it is also morally wrong. We have worked hard to produce this program, but we cannot keep working if we are not paid.  If criminals force us out of business, then we will no longer be able to produce programs that people can use.  If criminals stop stealing our software, then we wi(ll) be able to write more programs, make them more advanced, and sell them at a lower price.  Think about it. We will prosecute anyone we find stealing our software.  If you are caught, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to get a job with any company in this field.  Don't risk it.  If you are not honest, we will not have mercy on you.
There's also a credits roll hidden in here too:

This program was brought to you by the hard work of the people at Microsoft, including...

Copyright  1983 by Microsoft
Word Freedom Fighters:
Richard Brodie
Jabe Blumenthal
Jeff Harbers
Doug Klunder
Bruce Leak
Frank Liang
Carl McConnell
David Palmer
Chris Peters
Jeff Raikes
Tom Reeve
Ken Shapiro
Charles Simonyi
Greg Cox
Pat Th

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