While there is a JFIF file in the ROM at 2E6E80, it doesn't seem like it could be accessible without either opening up the Open Firmware prompt or hacking. It's unknown if there is still a way to make this image appear.

Power Mac G3-Extract1
Also present in the ROM are quite a few developer credits:

STM Version 2.2, Aaron Ludtke CTE Version 2.1

v2.1 Rules! Long Live M. Appleman, S. Williams, A. Ludtke

Software by Casey King, Hardware by James Lundblad and Mohammed Sriti

Sony. MFM Floppy Driver. (C) Jul-1997 Apple. By: Ben Koning. S Thanks: Buczek, Christensen, Parsons, Polic, Sheet, Wilkinson, Cronce, Eisenberg.

InterfaceLib - May 23, 1993.(Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1984-1993. Eric Traut & Sean Parent

680x0 Emulation written by Gary Davidian

Dynamic Recompilation by Eric Traut, tuned by Bob Abeles