Debug AreasEdit

This game has four debug areas, two of which writing down details, and two as checklists.

Debug Area 1Edit

By pressing "forward" a varying number of times (depends on the section you are at) on the "Thruster Combuster" level, you reveal a debug area. In it you can't move. To the right, it says

[ ] enemies
[ ] maybe conveyers
[ ] maybe flipping-line-things

Note that conveyors do not appear in "Science Defiance", the level the text is likely referring to. (also, conveyors is spelled incorrectly)

Farther to the right, you can see the Jake letters and a singular banana, both from "Toasty Tracks."

A clone of SuperJeenius appears off to the right, but falls below the screen instantly.

Debug Area 2Edit

Right next to that in the backgrounds, there is another debug level, except this has no objects and no player.


- add ducking
- wall-recognition
- falling, from a platform
- pressing jump button before hitting the ground and auto-jumping again

also for minecart leveladd cave, and second-area-after-cave-that-looks-darker-and-scarier

also soudn effects to be added in at some point

Add ducking is in blue, likely to signify that it is added, as it is in the final game.

  • Wall-recognition is pointless as "Toasty Tracks" (likely being referred to as "ducking" is only in that level) has no walls.
  • Falling, from a platform(?) may be referring to gravity, and this is not colored blue.
  • The double jumping is pointless, as the final version doesn't need it, unless it's referring to jumping off of enemies, which is possible in the final version.There is also a typo in "sound", spelling it as "soudn".

Debug Area 3Edit

The third debug area contains clues as to two more levels, both of which are not in the final game.


instead of the beat blocks switching between nothing and a platform they can switch between a spike ball and a platform

Also... Sonic level based off of Escape from the City theme?
Whoa Zone?

The first part is hinting to a Flip Swap Galaxy themed-level, more highly indicated by the introduction text saying that he couldn't program Flip Swap Galaxies.The other part is thinking of a Sonic-themed level.

Debug Area 4Edit

The fourth and final debug area shows progress bars for four(?) levels. The fourth, unused level is called "Briar Blast", and ends with "Hit the end barrel", what seems to be a clone of "Toasty Tracks". However, upon closer inspection, judging by the intro text saying he couldn't finish "Donkey Kong" Barrel Blast, it's likely that it's because they are both based on Donkey Kong.


  • The "Science Defiance" level is one big picture, being teleported to different parts to change rooms.
  • The explosion in "Toasty Tracks" is made darker, and you cannot see the normal appearance of the blast.